For What Purpose

The Greatest Story Ever Told

From the moment you step into the auditorium, you will feel like a part of the greatest story ever told. You will be surrounded by a living stage that spans the entire building, immersing you in the actual events from 2000 years ago.

The Easter drama For What Purpose is written and produced by The Rock Church in Elk Grove, CA with a cast of more than 200 people utilizing a 3,500 square foot stage. After a previous run of 12 consecutive years from 1986 to  1997, For What Purpose returned in 2014 to rave reviews, a new 92,000 sq ft building with seating capacity in excess of 2100.

Join us this Easter and experience the life of Jesus Christ like never before.

Promo // For What Purpose - Radio Spots
  1. Promo // For What Purpose - Radio Spots